2003 Super Luo Tianyi 4DX
Developer(s) Vast Fame
Publisher(s) Vast Fame
Platform(s) Unlicensed Game Boy Advance
Genre(s) Action
Series VOCALOID-CHINA, Zook Hero
Predecessor Zook Hero 2
Release Date(s) April 1, 2003
Age Rating(s) Mature (for it's full of swear words inside the game)
Cost $15

2003 Super Luo Tianyi Advance is a terrible Mega Man clone made by Vast Fame without any license from Henian, Nintendo, and Capcom. Vast Fame was quickly be sued by Henian for the overuse of Vsingers, and the game become non-existant, but several rumors revealed that this game's engine was recycled into Zook Man ZX4 aka Rockman & Crystal.

Story (taken instantly from manual and in-game with no changes)

in the year 201x a vocaloid named luo tianyi was created by henian to stop the mysterious evil genius dr mario's ambition 2 conquer the world in super m@rio 6ixty4our howerev two decades @fter his defeat dr mario returns on july 25 2020 with 8ight 0f proto leaks that dr mario will never release to challenge luo tianyi

luo tianyi learning dis set out 2 dife@t the eight proto leaks which dr mario h@d cre@ted hav1ng 2 treefuhsigiaaverse their respective gamez f1rst shortly after luo tianyi defeated those proto leaks dr mario f1ed in his f1lying caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape 2 h1s f0rtress teh nintendo tower eventually luo tianyi made her way 2 teh heart 0f the tower where she 0cne again foght da eight proto leaks @ well ass the anti-proto-distribute-2007 maching

dr mario f1ed luo tianyi 0nce @gain dis time esssssssssssssssssssscaping 2 a tank mlody c]axe]]]]]]]] underneth his tover here when luo tianyi c9dngaofronted him dr mario seeeeeeeeemingly turned into a hedgehog after a fierce battle betwain luo tianyi and the hegehog iteas revialed tat teh "hedgehog" w@s actually @ hol0gran be1ng c0ntrol1ed by n0ne 0ther then dr mario the ev1l d0ctor having no idea to escape and @fter 5 seconds he died and the world was continuing celebrating neeeeeeew pr0to rele@ses onec again


Unlike other VOCALOID games, it plays more like Mario+Mega Man X.

Robot Masters


2003 Super Luo Tianyi 4DX got negative receptions. "THIS IS A PURE PIECE OF SHIT AND IT HURTED LUO TIANYI HERSELF, DON'T BUY IT!" --IGN 0/10

"Seems this game was a terrible port of Mega Man X, with overuses of myself in game. I highly recommand that do not buy it, my fans!" --Luo Tianyi herself

"i had seizures after played it :( so bad it's good" --Metacritic, -20/100


  • Despite the story is a horrible clone of Mega Man 2's, the game takes inspiration on the X series.
  • This game predicted the 2020/7/25 Proto Leaks.
  • You can rescue other Vsingers from VOCALOID-CHINA in several places of the levels.
  • Everything above this are shitposting, because Luo Tianyi's first appearance is in 2012, rather than 2003.
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