1BillionHeroes is a hero-themed action rpg game created by Toroko as part of the Infinite Content brand. The core concept of the game focuses around the use and collection of heroes, of which there are many to collect (although not quite one billion, like the title might imply) to use to complete missions. These missions range from defeating bad guys, stopping natural disasters, or rescuing civilians. It will be exclusive to The V².

Beginning on 2/25/18, users can submit character concepts here.


Beginning the Game

When beginning the game, you are introduced as a Quantum Civilian, a term to refer to those who collect Heroes and use them to solve Hero Missions. You can choose between a masculine or feminine avatar, along with a gender to assign to them. You can then name the character. After that, you are plunged into the Hero Headquarters and begin in your room on the massive facility.

Hero Gathering

Using Hero Canisters, the player can use the hero energy to power a giant machine that is filled with HeroGacha Capsules containing Heroes. Depending on how much energy the player uses to power the machine, they can receive 1-5 capsules. Duplicates can be sent back or traded. Additionally, Heroes can be upgraded through the use of Emblems, which can occasionally drop out of the machine instead of a hero. In order to obtain different versions of the same hero, you will need duplicates and the respective Emblems in order to transform them. Information about each Hero and Emblems can be found in their respective sections.

Doing Missions

The player is tasked with doing Missions, of which are there are new ones daily as well as Story Missions. Each Mission thrusts the player's Heroes into a world to do a task, whether it to be rescue a animal, stop a thief, stopping natural disasters, or putting a end to a Threat. Missions vary wildly and some heroes are more suited for certain kinds of missions than others. All these Missions take place in big environments that can be explored in simple exploratory missions. In order to get Mission Orders, the player must talk to the Heromarm to gain briefing about each Mission and then to be enlisted with that Mission. Information about Missions can be found in the Mission section.


1BillionHeroes, being a new IP, has it's own backstory and lore. This section will go over aspects of the world and it's characters.

Hero Headquarters

The Hero Headquarters is a planet-sized base that was created by the Multiverse Heroes Association, a future version of the Multiverse Fighters Association. The organization is able to tap into something called Hero Energy that can be obtained after doing missions across the multiverse to power the facility. All the heroes can live peaceful lives while their Reflections goes out to fight injustice. The base of the headquarter facilities is engraved with the most powerful heroes of history.

Heroes and Capsules

When the player receives a Gacha Capsule with a hero inside of it, it is important to note that these aren't exactly the heroes themselves, but disposable clones called Reflections. The actual heroes live in the Hero Headquarters, and provide something called a Heroic Spirit where Reflections can be processed through. These reflections are kept in star form inside the HeroGacha Capsules.


Quantum Civilians

Base Heroes

These are base level heroes obtained through HeroGacha Capsules. They are leveled according to the player's base level. Below is a list of heroes and HeroGacha Capsules; in the demo, no matter what, all heroes will come out randomly from any kind of Capsule, although this will not be the case in the final game.

HeroGacha Capsules
Basic Capsules
HeroGachaBall Red 1BH
Red Capsule
HeroGachaBall Blue 1BH
Blue Capsule
HeroGachaBall Yellow 1BH
Yellow Capsule
HeroGachaBall Purple 1BH
Purple Capsule
HeroGachaBall Green 1BH
Green Capsule
HeroGachaBall Orange 1BH
Orange Capsule
HeroGachaBall Teal 1BH
Teal Capsule
HeroGachaBall Pink 1BH
Pink Capsule
HeroGachaBall Black 1BH
Black Capsule
HeroGachaBall White 1BH
White Capsule
Special Capsules
HeroGachaBall Camouflage 1BH
Camoflauge Capsule
HeroGachaBall Chocoboard 1BH
Chocoboard Capsule
HeroGachaBall Spotted 1BH
Spotted Capsule
HeroGachaBall Starry 1BH
Starry Capsule
Base Heroes
Hero Information
MsStrike 1BH
Ms. Strike
Hero No. 0000000001

Ms. Strike is a college student having to deal with the pressures of an Earthly, academic college experience while also going to classes to a parallel college dealing with the arcane. She has magical abilities, allowing her to use a variety of powers, most being electrically charged. Despite all her work practically piling on her, she manages to be the first of this division, much to the ire of her older brother. The Multiverse Hero Association would like to stress that numbers are just numbers though, and that all heroes are as equally important in their minds.

  • Thunderstrike - Ms. Strike out stretches her palms and releases a charge of zapping energy that zips across before either hitting a target or fading away.
  • Thunderkick - Ms. Strike dashes forward with a flash of thunder behind her before pummeling the nearest opponent or object with a round of kicks.
  • Thunderpunch - Ms. Strike charges up a punch at a stand still before letting it go, dealing heavy damage.
CommanderStrike 1BH
Commander Strike
Hero No. 0000000002

The older brother of Ms. Strike, who is constantly being outclassed by his younger sister to a aggravating fault. Having completed his education, Commander Strike commits full-time to the Multiverse Heroes Association, taking on any threats that dare disrupt the multiverse the organization is meant to keep watch over. Commander Strike uses thunder magic in his moveset similar to Ms. Strike, although he uses wildly different moves than her.

  • Thunderclap - Commander Strike claps his hands forward to send out a circular ring of electricity to zap his opponents, whizzing towards them at a incredible speed.
  • Thunderslam - Commander Strike takes a leap into the skies before coming down on his opponent in a heroic pose, followed by lighting.
  • Thunderblock - Commander Strike puts his hand out forward, blocking attacks with an electrical shield that will shock those that attempt to use melee weapons on him.
Mira Celeste
Hero No. 0000000003

Mira Celeste is a shrine keeper who is impeded with lunar powers granted to her from the moon. She feels very close to the moon despite having never visited it, seeing it as a beautiful yet fragile woman that needs protection from the evil energies of Earth. She joined the Multiverse Hero Association to combat said evils. She uses abilities granted to her by the moon, which range from moonrock weapons to light attacks.

  • Moonrock Kunai - Mira Celeste summons five kunai made of moonrock that fly towards her opponents, striking them with lunar damage. She can fire these off while running.
  • Lunar Spirit - Mira Celeste can summon a spiritual white fox to climb across her, converting projectiles into healing energies.
  • Celestial Blade - Mira Celeste pulls out a katana made of moonrock that causes her to spin around, striking at any opponents near her as she quickly spins into a rather large circular pattern.
Bombjack 1BH
Hero No. 0000000004

Bombjack is a bombs expert, which comes naturally to him. Bombjack has a wide variety of bombs he loves to use and while he loves exploding stuff and watching things fall apart, he works with the Multiverse Hero Association to use his expertise and bombs to good use. He has a deadpan attitude towards everything, although is consistently snarky. He also has a affinity for reptiles.

  • Laughing Bomb - This bomb has a explosive laughing charge to it, as when it goes off it releases a bunch of laughing gas, causing opponents unable to attack. Bombjack is immune to the gas, so he won't have to stay away from it.
  • Explosive Punch - Bombjack hits the opponent and causes them to fly back as a explosive charge is released once he slams his punch into his opponent.
  • Blast Bomb - Bombjack lobs a bomb that releases a giant explosion in four directions, traveling a rather far distance in those four directions.
Saramosa 1BH
Hero No. 0000000005

Saramosa is a powerful fighter that uses the power of strawberries to aid her in battle. She owns a giant garden that is filled with strawberry bushes, which she sees as her dominion and is either seen tending to said garden, meditating, or taking trips to the astral plane through sleep. Saramosa is called lazy by those who do not know her, and she likes to take people by surprise or otherwise subverting their expectations.

  • Strawberry Blast - Saramosa summons a portal from her wrist that shoots out strawberries at her opponent, blasting them with a barrage of fruity energy.
  • Astral Projection - Saramosa meditates while she creates a astral projection that contains half her health and can fly. While Saramosa cannot directly attack, she can view opponents without them seeing her as well as act as a EMP to electrical devices. Her meditating body is vulernable in this form, so players should be wary of their position.
  • Vine Whip Choke - Saramosa wraps her whip around a opponent's neck from behind and then chokes them while kicking them in the back.
Captain Murdlock Gould
Hero No. 0000000006

Murdlock Gould is a sniveling sea captain, hardly a hero at all. He's rude, argumentative, extremely crude, and most importantly, selfish as all hell. That said, his actions are not exactly threatening the universe, more so just being self-destructive to himself. He is a incredibly strange and vile man, more interested in making a quick buck than anything productive with his time. He does however, have firearm training and a ship to himself, often carrying passengers from his past misadventures.

  • Revolver - Murdlock carries around a revolver which he is not at all hesitant to use, using it to blast anyone he feels is getting in his way. He must reload after six shots.
  • Sailor Squid - Murdlock throws a life preserver in the air, which happens to be a portal to the ocean. Sailor Squid pops out, attaching it's tentacles to any opponent it comes across as it squirts them with acidic black ink while Murdlock can take care of his captive.
  • Life Preserver - Murdlock holds up a life preserver up to his chest, which is a portal to the ocean. All projectiles will merely go through the portal, not harming Murdlock.
Hero No. 0000000007

Symbiosis is a woman with a symbotic relationship with a alien, allowing it to drain her blood in exchange for incredible shifting powers and a variety of other abilities. Symbiosis is technically not really alive, as the only thing keeping her alive is the symbiote, but she's fine with this and does not see at all as a problem. She is surprisingly crude from time to time, often liking to rearrange the corpses of enemies into curse words, and sometimes drinks the blood of her enemies for her symbiote to absorb.

  • Obsidian Whip - Symbiosis forms her arms into whips, smacking them across the opponents before wrapping it around their necks to choke them out.
  • Ebony Knife - Symbiosis transforms her arms into sharp, knife-like appendages that stab through her opponents, pulling them in so she can give them a clawed kick.
  • Twilight Claw - Symbiosis grows a set of sharp claws that she slams into her opponent's head, dunking them to the ground before digging her sharp heel into their back.
CaptainTimely 1BH
Captain Timely
Hero No. 0000000008

Captain Timely is a Golden Age Hero that really isn't concerned with the bigger scheme of things, more involved in the day-to-day crimes that happen where justice is out of people's hands. Using his shield, he can reflect any projectile that comes his way and use it in battle, although his wit and increased strength also come in handy. He's not called "Captain Timely" because he controls time or anything like that, it just means he comes in a timely fashion.

  • Timely Shield - Captain Timely can hold up this shield to block and reflect projectiles that come his way.
  • Timely Strike - Captain Timely leaps forward, slamming his shield into a opponent and then punch them in the face and stomach with dynamic speed.
  • Timely Lob - Captain Timely throws his shield like a boomerang, hitting opponents far away and then grabbing the shield as it comes back.
Bunea 1BH
Hero No. 0000000009

Bunea is known as a thief, although that doesn't mean she can't be heroic. While Bunea tends to stay quiet while in action, she knows how to chew through conversation in a way she finds desirable, often becoming more than just friends with some female opponents. Now isn't really the time to be talking though, and Bunea is armed to the teeth with various weapons. She comes from a strange dimension previously glimpsed in Super Bunea World.

  • Kitty Mace - Bunea equips the Kitty Mace, slamming it into her opponent as she spins around.
  • Klingtoid - Bunea sends out a Klingtoid to remotely attack a opponent, using the Klingtoid to suckle health from her opponent and give it to Bunea to heal from.
  • Chocowand - Bunea shoots out stars from this wand, with a little bit of knockback from each hit of this wand.
Monk 1BH
Hero No. 0000000010

Monk is a crime fighter that closely associates himself with colorful green birds, which act as his eyes and ears around him, having been specifically trained by him to call out in different frequencies for different emergencies. Monk has no super powers to speak of, but his intense combat training and his expert tactical mind means that he's usually steps ahead of everyone else and is thinking on a entirely different level than everyone else. He can act a bit smug, but he mainly just wants to keep people out of harm's way.

  • Monk Parakeet Call - Monk can send out Monk Parakeets to swarm a opponent, pecking at them. While the parakeets are pretty weak, they keep the opponent exactly where Monk wants them.
  • Repel Spray - Monk can create up to three sprays to use later on as a counter to opponents attempting to attack him up close, weakening them.
  • Monk Kick - Monk jumps up high into the air with the aid of a explosive charge and then pushes his legs forward into the opponent's chest, slamming down hard on them as he then kicks them in the face.
Hystic Bucket Man
Hero No. 0000000012

Hystic Bucket Man is a mysterious super-hero with a golden bucket on his head, his identity unknown to everyone to the Multiverse Hero Association. He never says a word, and because his bucket obscures his head, it's hard to get a read on anything beyond a head shake or nod. He can never attack a opponent from the back due to his unspoken code of honor, and he attacks using jabs that penetrate through the opponent's body.

  • Lava Strike - Hystic Bucket Man charges up his hands and cups them together as lava forms between them, striking his opponent on the shoulder.
  • Weak Point - Hystic Bucket Man strikes various weakpoints on his opponents before kicking his opponent away, blasting them with a ray of molten lava.
  • Hystic Punch - Hystic Bucket Man jabs his opponent in the legs, forcing them onto their knees as he punches them with a fist full of lava.
St Venin1BH
Saint Venin
Hero No. 0000000017

Saint Venin is a former nurse who lost her arm in a cutting accident. Venin was devastated by her loss of her dominant arm and went to insane depths in a attempt to grow it back. All this accomplished however, was a endless stream of fluid, which she originally though was blood but turned out to be some kind of alien parasite. Venin is able to use it as a hand, as long as she lets it do what it wants to at night, which range from crimes to murders. Saint Venin isn't exactly a hero, but has trained the parasite enough for it to mostly work for good, although she lost a bit of her sanity along the way.

  • Venijab - Saint Venin strikes forward with her needle arm, injecting it into her opponent as the parasite shreds their insides, before retracting back into the needle.
  • 1-Woman Medical Staff - Saint Venin grows wings of red fluid as her needle shatters, transforming into a large fist. She can slam the ground below her with a huge impact, as well flick away opponents that annoy her. She can only be in this form for so long before the parasite needs to return to her needle, which reforms. There is a cooldown afterwards before she can use it again.
  • Surgeonical Neurological - Saint Venin injects her needle into the opponent's head, blowing it to massive proportions, causing them to stumble around with the new size of their head, making them much weaker.
Venice 1BH
Hero No. 0000000109

Venice is a bird that hails from prehistoric time, that managed to swipe a time machine and visits various time periods, inadvertently creating history along the way. Venice is slightly sassy and obnoxious, as well as quick to insult, although she has a tendency to be called names by other people she meets. She may be a ancient bird, but this bird still has a lot of young blood in her!

  • Egg Shoot - Venice fires off orange eggs that explode on contact with a opponent.
  • Fly Away Now - Venice can fly for a limited amount of time, although she cannot gain much air from the platform she's currently on. This can be used to get to various platforms and land on top of tall enemies.
  • Ancient Breath - Venice can breath fire out of her mouth, setting opponents aflame. She cannot keep this breath up for long without damaging herself, so the player must stay aware of her cool-down.
The Angry Scotsman
Hero No. 0000000110

The Angry Scotsman is a mostly quiet, down to earth man hailing from Scotland, his huge size and stature being described as intimidating. In combat, he hardly says anything, letting his fists speak for themselves. Incredibly tough and strong, he has celtic runes across his body which glow through his flannel shirt when activating his abilities.

  • Oss - The Angry Scotsman puts on some gauntlets made of oak wood and proceeds to slam into his enemies, impaling them with twisting and turning oak branches that can spread across the battlefield.
  • Kaun - The Angry Scotsman's punches become embedded with flames, lighting foes on fire as he attacks them.
  • Purs - The Angry Scotsman becomes encased in a electrical shield that deflects projectiles but not melee attacks.
BlackOwl 1BH
Black Owl
Hero No. 0000008496

Black Owl is the third iteration of the Black Owl cowl, taking up the mantle after her parents were gunned down in alleyway. The reason why they were causes her to drink, and she has a general cynical attitude towards heroes, although she fights to at least keep her ideal vision of them alive. She lacks actual super powers, but she makes do with her gadgets and her sharp intellect. She comes from the hard-boiled world first glimpsed in The Age of Brave and Bronze.

  • Owlomb - Black Owl can send out flying bombs that go off once they sense enough heat, as well as latch into their targets, literally digging their talons into their skin.
  • Black Glide - Black Owl glides across the sky using her cape as a flying suit, able to travel far from high distances. She can use Owlbombs to propel herself higher if needed.
  • Owl Pierce - Black Owl uses her combat training to pummel her opponent with kicks and punches, using her grieves on her gloves to nick across pressure points.
Hero No. 0000000111

Lily is a younger girl who enjoys the rainy days as well as has a liking towards frogs. She wears a backpack and a pair of frog gloves that gives her various froggy abilities. She is one of the younger heroes on the sector, but has a surprising amount of potential even in her current situation and relative young age. Her movement especially is notably extremely good, able to outpace some speedsters in some cases.

  • Waterslick - Lily can swim up wet walls and surfaces at a blindingly fast speed, gaining a bunch of momentum instantly.
  • Frog Stomp - Lily has a powerful ground stomp attack, which allows her to leap off opponents and generate lily pad platforms to use.
  • Flylicker - Lily can use her long tongue to stick and swing across objects, as well as swallow opponents for damage before spitting them out.
Hero No. 0000000113

Voidmato is an assassin dealing primarily in melee weapons, mostly guns. He only takes jobs that offer a decent amount of money, but he still lives in squalor with his bong-smoking girlfriend Roxanne. Voidmato has the unique ability to walljump and wallkick, allowing him to jump off walls and into melee attacks, as well as utilizing weapons he's used in the past to take fire at his enemies. He comes from a strange dimension previously glimpsed in Super Bunea World.

  • Cyber Homey 2000 - Voidmato uses the Cyber Homey 2000 to shoot green ring shaped projectiles that travel towards his foes.
  • Ultra Rifle - Voidmato blasts at his foes with the ultra-powerful Ultra Rifle, although it has some cooldown that prevents Voidmato from being able to use it's ultra power for too long.
  • Pistol with Loudner - Voidmato uses a pistol with a loudner- alerting enemies to his presence, although the pistol is surprisingly powerful and Voidmato can aim precisely at it with a first person view.
Hero No. 0000000126

Mayfire is not quite a superhero, or a supervillain, operating somewhere in between. She is able to break the fourth wall, having a keen awareness that she is in a video game as well her own personal history. Mayfire may find herself working under villainesses if they convince her hard enough- Mayfire also seems to have a somewhat cynical attitude towards the concept of death, convinced everyone will come back to life eventually. She comes from the hard-boiled world first glimpsed in The Age of Brave and Bronze.

  • Lifebar Smack - Mayfire grabs her life bar and smacks it into foes, sometimes launching them away from her.
  • Fourth Wall Kick - Mayfire jumps against the screen and kicks off into a huge, launching kick.
  • Pause Menu - Mayfire pauses the game and freezes time around her in a certain radius that slowly fades- everything stuck in the paused time stays paused, allowing her to attack. The more attacks she executes or if against a strong enemy, the faster the radius disappears.
Leona Wulf
Hero No. 0000000345

Leona Wulf leads her own platoon of soldiers on a naval ship, which are a bunch of dumb pigs. Fierce and not willing to take anyone's crap, Leona can usually be seen biting into people that annoy her, although her intentions are good and she just wants to keep people safe. She has a dark secret about her she will take any measure to preserve, as it would get her delisted from the military and as a commander, that's the last thing she wants.

  • Garou Fang - Leona Wulf takes a leap, snarling and biting into her opponent as she claws across the body, inflicting massive damage so long as she can hold on.
  • Mark of the Wolves - Leona Wulf crouches under a box and claims territory, protecting the area in a green forcefield that can withstand damage.
  • The Glove Comes Off - Leona takes off her right glove to reveal a gun finger, which she loads with explosive shells, firing off a total of 10 explosive shots from as she points.
Feira Kemono
Feira Kemono
Hero No. 0000000665

Feira Kemono is a woman with six giant hulking bear arms, which gives her huge bear-like strength. Additionally, she has enhanced smell, which allows her to track scents over large distances and sense danger. She has feralistic tendencies, which combined with her strength, has made her seem like a menace to the public as a whole, but she hasn't harmed a single human. Trying to improve her reputation is quite the PR nightmare for the Multiverse Heroes Association. She means well though and likes baseball!

  • Six Arm Bear Strike - Her six bear arms form into a single arrow-like defense in front of her, allowing her to charge forward with little care about damage. This move allows her to move fairly fast to make up for her actual slow movement speed.
  • Super Beast Scent - Feira can track smells to lead to objectives or hidden areas, as well as being able to sense whenever a bunch of enemies are about to drop or if a boss is nearby.
  • Limestone Crusher - Feira jumps into the air and slams three of her elbows into her opponent into a deadly elbow drop that deals a ton of damage.
Helena Harper
Hero No. 0001111117

Helena Harper is one of the iterations of a being that is often seen as a interdimensional god, although her powers have been severely reduced for this incarnation. Some wonder if she created the universes that these heroes come from, although Helena is only humble enough to wink at these questions. While she is often seen with her demon lover Athena Hawkins, Helena can stand on her own, using spider-like abilities.

  • Web-Sling - Helena can generate webs from her body, able to swing across using walls or using it to stick to said walls. She can also wrap enemies in the spider-silk.
  • Infinite Content - Helena shoots out green and red energy that heals her allies, relaxing them.
  • Trident - Helena summons a trident to attack enemies, with it's magical properties auto-targeting onto foes as she runs around.
Athena 2018
Athena Hawkins
Hero No. 0001111118

Athena Hawkins is the girlfriend of Helena Harper, and a goddess in her own right, although she isn't quite as revered as her girlfriend. She finds that fine though, having created her own multiverses that interact with her girlfriend's. She is a quite unusual hero character, attacking with her scorpion-like demon tail, teleporting her allies to a safe haven known as Silent Valley, and inflicting justice on her own terms.

  • Sting of the Scorpion - Athena Hawkins can infect opponents with a stinging attack that poisons them, causing them to grow purple spores around their body.
  • Silent Valley - Athena teleports her allies to stay in Silent Valley, where they can heal and rest up while she clones herself to take on their foes.
  • Justice for All - Athena Hawkin summons a scale and a dagger, causing her to go into a blind frenzy, healing those with a good alignment and harming those with a bad alignment.

Emblem Heroes

These heroes require Emblems to be upgraded into these special versions of these heroes. There are none in the demo.


Threat Information
Threat Level: 1

Nameek is a alien robber who has his hands on a dangerous weapon. He was fought in the demo level of the game, where your hero would have to chase after him atop Azure City's monorails. Once caught, Nameek has to be fought, and once beaten, Nameek escapes into a red helicopter, taunting as it flies away.

  • Infinite Blaster - Nameek fires out green energy that briefly transforms a object into another thing (like a chicken, hamburger, or a phone booth for example), which will harm and transform the player if they are shot at.
Threat Level: 1

SIMARK-H03 comes from a family line of evil androids, being classified as a "DAD" type model. H03 has been more or melded into his chair container, of which has robotic limbs and a jet propulsion engine underneath it. H03 is a disgusting creature that seeks to only eat, actively attacking restaurants and will soon turn to eating civilians if not stopped!

  • Donut Blast - SIMARK-H03 burps out a pink donut-shaped projectile, which expands over a certain period of time before dissipating. Hitting the projectile will cause characters to get tired.
  • SIMARK-Signature Blast - SIMARK-H03 attacks with a white beam from it's eyes, destroying anything in it's path before having to cool down, opening it to attacks.
Threat Level: 2

Necrodameus is a former nuclear inspector who just went nuts after being apparently visited by the specter of death. She wears her old suit and carries around a ball and chain, using it to attack people she believes need to die. She attacks exclusively at night.

  • Bled Chains - Necrodameus strikes with her ball and chain forward, getting it caught in a wall or floor and having to pull it back up.
  • Nuclear Blast - Necrodameus attacks with a explosive canister of nuclear powered energy, which will poison most characters.
  • Devil's Moonlight - Necrodameus uses the rays of the moon to power up her attacks.
Character concept by AgentMuffin (tbc)
Threat Level: 5

Cavy is a giant mecha robot with a unknown identity, as it's rider is hidden behind a hood. It's unknown exactly what their origin is, but is assumed to be a secret war machine experiment. Cavy is a massive robot and taking him on initally will be challenging, although the player will take off limbs and his robot head over the course of the fight, before busting off his incredibly strong, barrel-like torso to free the orb surrounding the rider. Inside the orb once chattered is a human-like robot inside with a hood- destroying this will reveal a green orb that floats off the ground. Once that orb is shattered it reveals a dead rat, which flops harmlessly on the ground. The player must take on this boss in it's various forms.



  • Mouse Wheel Punch - Cavy cranks up for a punch towards the ground, aiming towards the player, of which they need to dodge so they can attack the arm.
  • Lighthouse Eyes - Cavy sends out a blast of yellow energy from it's "eyes", spinning around as it does. A reflected attack can stun it or even destroy the head.
  • Super Stomp - Cavy prepares for a stomp on the character, imprinting their foot into the asphalt as it does, momentarily opening it's leg for attacks.


  • Rider Runes - Cavy, from inside the commanding sphere, starts blasting green spells at the player to harm them.


  • Cockroach Cast - Cavy releases a bunch of cockroaches onto his target, poisoning and slowing the player as they squirm across the body of the player's character.


  • Smokescreen - Cavy, covers itself in smoke to teleport away from the player after taking enough damage.
  • Mystic Laser - Cavy begins blasting green energy in green waves, requiring the player to duck or jump to avoid them.


NPC Information
BonkDroid 1BH
Bonk Droid
Common World NPC

Bonk Droids litter the map, walking around at a slow pace, doing nothing of importance. Heroes can destroy them to obtain items or currency.



No information available about these at the moment.


One world is available through the Demo Mission at the moment.

World Information

The City of the Sky

A brilliant blue city resting in a sky dome, with blue skies and white clouds. The city has a reflective sheen that reflects whatever's on it. It's absolutely bustling with Cloudarians, although in the demo it's relatively empty save for a bunch of Bonk droids, allowing the player to traverse quickly around.

  • Monorail Station - The monorail station goes to to various points on the map, arriving at each stop within five minutes or so. You will have to fight Nameek here in the demo.
  • Sky Arcade - This arcade is locked off in the demo, but features a rounded dome with pixel characters running across the roof and some of the sidewalk tiles.
  • Bonk Facility - This machine is rather huge, composing various Bonk Droids once some have been destroyed.


Story Missions

No information available about these at the moment.

Daily Missions

No information available about these at the moment.

Special Missions

The demo mission is classified as a "Special Mission".

Special Missions
Mission Briefing

Demo Mission: Stop Nameek!
Space Bandit on the Loose!

A alien criminal by the name of Nameek has gotten a hold of a gun with "Infinite Energy", and is terrorizing the Azure City. He is located at the Monorail Station. Heroes of this task force, stop him!

  • Stop Nameek - Head to the Azure City Monorail Station to stop Nameek!

Time Limit: 30:00 Minutes



  • 1BillionHeroes is the third game to be revealed under the Infinite Content branding.
  • 1BillionHeroes was inspired by the likes of Monster Hunter and Fire Emblem Heroes, with My Hero Academia, The Incredibles, and Marvel and DC's respective comic universes serving as inspiration for the setting.
  • The organization that hosts the Hero Headquarters is the Multiverse Heroes Association, a far future version of the Multiverse Fighters Association from Fighters Club Extraordinaire, one of Exotoro's Lapis Wiki Projects.
  • The game will feature several characters from Toroko's past projects, although the game will not exactly focus on this crossover aspect, as the characters only serve as playable cameos and won't really have a bearing on the plot of the game.
  • Despite the name, there are not one billion characters. The name merely refers to the sector of the Multiverse Hero Association that the game follows, which does have one billion heroes.
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