Zeroph Cola, stylized and marketed as 0pH Cola, is a brand of cola noted for its acidic flavor.


  • 0pH Cola is the namesake soft drink, a tart, lemon-based soda with heavy carbonation.
  • 8pH Cola is a "smoother", less sour version of the original.
  • 0Cal Cola is a diet version of the "classic" 0pH Cola, with noticeably less flavor at the cost of ostensibly being healthier.
  • H₂CO₃-Z is a line of flavored carbonated water, with most artificial flavors based on combinations of acidic fruits.
  • 0pH Gummies are a fruit gum-based gummi candy snack food resembling, and meant to taste like, a bottle of the namesake cola.


0pH Cola's products are often criticized, with common controversy centering around health effects and contamination, which may be based on bad business practices. However, their advertising campaigns, such as the "Don't be Basic" series of ads, have generated more visible criticism.

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