.6 Recurring in 3D.

.6 Recurring is a character in the 3.14 Series, and a member of the Inter-Universe Anti Universe Merge Federation. He is a playable character in 3.14 - A Pie In The System, but he runs away after the final boss fight to not be seen again until 3.14 - Operation Binary.


A Pie in the System

He follows 3.14 to help him because he knows that he isn't guilty. In this game, he can throw bombs, perform slide kicks and grab then throw enemies. He constantly helps 3.14 and Strafe escape from Samus Aran. .6 and Strafe are the only ones left to defeat the Power Suit Space Dragon.14, and after it is defeated and Samus captures 3.14, Strafe and Ridley, .6 Recurring runs away.

Operation Binary

.6 Recurring finds 3.14 as soon as he enters the Inter-Universe Anti Universe Merge Federation, and helps him until the end of the game. In the final boss battles he plays no important cutscene role unlike the other characters.

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