Mario Kart 9 is a racing game developed by Nintendo EAD and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. It is the ninth instalment in the Mario Kart series. Like every other Nintendo Switch game, this game can be purchased both physically at retail and digitally through the Nintendo eShop. The game was released in the middle of June of 2022.  In this game, there are two new mechanics introduced into the series,  Subterranean Racing and a Day and Night cycle. Gliding and Anti-Gravity return from the two latest installments in the series, and they remain unchanged. 


The gameplay of the game is very similar to past installments in the series, especially the two most recent installments and Double Dash!!. Keeping the traditional gameplay from all Mario Kart games, players can pick characters that differ in weight classes and drive vehicles that have different stats around courses (some being rather simple courses while others are hazardous) in hopes of making it to the finish line in first place. The number of Karts on the track is added up to sixteen. 

Gliding and Anti-Gravity return from the two latest installments in the series, and they remain unchanged. However three more mechanics are added to the game. The main one is a Day and Night cycle, where the first lap starts at day time, then the second lap continues with night and then at the final lap, it changes to an eclipse. The second one is Subterranean Racing allowing players to drive on the walls and ceiling of a tunnel, as well as drilling into the ground of the track to race under it. Most of the Nitro Tracks have the Anti-Gravity sections placed in the Subterranean sections of the tracks, while a few others are placed on the main parts of the tracks, like in Mario Kart 8. 


The game has 36 racers, 18 are starter, while 18 are unlockable.

Starting Racers


Unlockable Racers


Race Courses


Mushroom Cup60px-MK8 MushroomCuptv.svg Flower Cup60px-MK8 FlowerCuptv.svg Star Cup60px-MK8 StarCuptv.svg Special Cup60px-MK8 SpecialCuptv.svg
Luigi Biker Colosseum Mario Circuit Waluigi Casino Wario Chargelink
Koopa Dome Skate City DK Lagoon Multi-Moon Hotel
Honeyhive Drive Crimson Palace Neon Circus Bowser's Castle
Monty Mines Shy Guy Sawmill E.Gadd's Lab Rainbow Road


Shell Cup

60px-MK8 ShellCuptv.svg

Banana Cup

60px-MK8 BananaCuptv.svg

Leaf Cup

60px-MK8 LeafCuptv.svg

Lightning Cup60px-MK8 LightningCuptv.svg
3DS Mario Circuit Wii U/NS Sweet Sweet Canyon Wii Dry Dry Ruins Wii U/NS Electrodome
GBA Riverside Park DS Shroom Ridge 3DS Rock Rock Mountain Wii Moonview Highway
GCN Mushroom City N64 Wario Stadium Wii U/NS Shy Guy Falls 3DS Bowser's Castle
Wii DK Summit Wii Toad's Factory SNES Koopa Beach 1 GBA Rainbow Road

Battle Mode

All five of the game modes from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe return in Mario Kart 9, those being Balloon Battle, Coin Runners, Bob-omb Blast, Shine Thief, and Renegade Roundup.

Some minor changes have been made to some of the game modes:

  • The mini-map no longer appears in any mode.
  • Bob-omb Blast plays a lot more like it originally did in Mario Kart Double Dash, get Star Ranks added to your counter by hitting your opponents. Once you get all twelve Star Ranks you are declared the winner, but once you get hit by someone, that star rank is taken away from you.
  • When a competitor has fewer than five seconds remaining in Shine Thief, the numbers indicating the last five seconds will show up on the screen and the screen border will now have a red overlay that gets more intense as the seconds tick down, making it more noticeable when the game could potentially near its end if someone doesn't catch the Shine Sprite.
  • Coin Runners plays a lot more like Shine Runners from Mario Kart DS, where the player has to get higher coins than others, or they will be eliminated from the battle through a timer that counts down from one minute, once one or two or three players are eliminated the timer resets.

Game Modes

Name Ingame Description
BalloonbattleBalloon Battle

Pop goes the Beepers!

"Use multiple items to pop your opponents' balloons to score points, but watch out for your balloons as well."
ShinetheifShine Thief

The Shine is here to play! Catch it and                           run away!  

"In one minute, catch the Shine Sprite and runaway from your opponents!"


  • Hit your opponents in order to steal that Shine Sprite from those devils. 
  • Don't expect good luck from the Shine though, it will slow you down, store a Thunder Cloud when you have it.
Bob-ombblastBob-omb Blast

      Kaboom?! More like Fuboom!

"The only items you get here are Bob-ombs, throw them one after the other to hit your opponents and steal their Star Rank!" 


  • Be careful, if someone gets all the Star Ranks, it's game over. Make sure to beat them to the punch.
  • Pass through multiple boxes to stockpile up to ten Bob-ombs.

CoinRunnersCoin Runners

You know what they say. Money Talks!

"Compete to gather the most Coins on the field under the one minute limit. Make sure to get more coins than the others, or you'll be eliminated frrom the fight!"

  • Hit your rivals with an item in order to make them drop their Coins. 
Renegade RounduoRenegade Roundup

You'll never take me alive Coppers! 

"The authorites win if they catch all the running renegades on the field. The renegades win if they outrun the authorities under the last minute."


  • Racers on the renegade team can free their captured colleages by running over the switch under the Jail cell.
  • When hit by an item, Piranha Plants become paralyzed for a few seconds and won't be able to bite.



  • Parabones Pyramid
  • New Donk Pitch
  • Swimming Hole
  • Crumbledon Gardens
  • Baby Bigtop


  • N64 Double Deck
  • GCN Tilt-a-Kart
  • DS Top Tart
  • Wii Delfino Pier
  • WiiU/NS Lunar Colony


Unlike past Mario Kart games, the items are split into categories, Racing and Battle. The Racing items only appear in Grand Prix, Time Trials and VS Mode, while the Battle items (hence the name), only appear in Battle Mode.

Racing Items

Racing Items

New items:

  • 1-UP Mushroom: This item gives players a speed boost when somene over takes them. 
  • Danger Hammer: This item allows players to randomly throw hammers in the direction of the targeted racer.
  • Double Cherry: This item gives the player a clone that can take hits from an item. 
  • Red Ring: This item randomly gives players a special item depending on if they collect all eight Red Coins.
  • Warp Box: This item teleports players to a random position in the top six during the race.

Battle Items

Battle Items

Course Maps

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