This article is about the game. For the series, go to Kirby & Yoshi (series). The game is also fake.

Kirby & Yoshi (abbreviated to K&Y) is a 2D platformer game developed by HAL. Laboratory and published by Fantendo for the Nintendo Switch Plus on late 2019. As the name applies, it is a crossover between the Kirby series and the Yoshi series. 


  • Yoshi (Special: Flutter Jump, eating and egg throwing) (Flaw: Slipperiness)
  • Kirby (Special: Inhale, Slide Kick, Spitting, Copy Abilities, Floating) (Flaw: None)
  • Baby Mario (Special: Cape Float, Run on walls and roofs, pet chomp) (Flaw: One hit)
  • Bandana Dee (Special: Spear Float, Spear attacks) (Flaw: limited float)
  • Baby Luigi (Special: Same as Baby Mario, Scuttle Jump, Fast Run) (Flaw: Slipperiness)
  • Meta Knight (Special: Sword attacks) (Flaw: No float move even though he's considered a puffball)


World 1: Dream Land

The home to Kirby. Since this neccasarily a Kirby game, the first world is Dream Land. The boss(es) are Whispy Woods and King Dedede.

World 1.5: Yoshi's Tropical Isle

The home to Yoshis. It has lots of cool fruits and tropical trees. The boss(es) are Burt the Bashful and Shadow Burt.

World 2: Dough Doughy Desert

The desert world of Kirby. It's inhabitants are Cractis and it is full of sweet sweet enemies! The boss(es) are Kracko Jr. and Shadow Meta Knight.

World 2.5: Shy Guy Cliffs

The rocky mountain world of Yoshi. The majority of the enemies are Hammer Bros. and Shy Guys. The boss(es) are Lakitoo and Kamek (Round 1).

World 3: Clover Clouds

The sky world of Kirby. The inhabitants are Spincolves and Bloitts. The boss(es) are Kracko Sr. and Kracko.

World 3.5: Turn-Up Scrape Skies

The sky world of Yoshi. It's home to Turosts and Fly Guys. The boss(es) are Fly Slime and Baby N. Piranha.

World 4: Interstellar Space

The space world of Kirby. It's home to Astro Dees and Octodees. The boss(es) are Starry Kracko and Kamek (Round 2).

World 4.5: Good Egg Space

The space world of Yoshi. It's home to Astro-Guys and Fire Piranha Babies. The boss(es) are Robo Guy and Kamella.

World 5: Young Bowser's Fort

The lava/tower world. The majority of the enemies are Waddle Doos, Poison Piranha Babies, Robo Dees, and Magikoopas. The bosses are Kamek (Round 3), Nightmare, Giant Baby Bowser and Nightmare Kamek.

World Star: Trilogy Galaxy

The bonus star world. It includes various remakes of Kirby, Mario, and Yoshi levels from other games. The boss(es) are Whispy Woods EX, Big Bob-omb EX, Burt B. EX, Masked Dedede, Whomp King EX, Giga Slime EX, Kracko EX, Bowser EX, and King Wiggler (Secret Boss: King Wiggler EX)

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