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Über, the alien hero.
Hinata Itō (Lover)
CLASS Agent of Shōri, Págos ambassador to Earth

Über is an alien ambassador from the thriving, technologically advanced planet of Págos, which is known for it's massive cities and native language of Japanese. Upon landing in Tokyo, which he deemed to be the area on Earth most similar in culture to his planet, he quickly became a hero and a celebrity to the country's people. Über is known for his charming personality and strong superpowers.

Über is currently a member of Shōri, a task force employed by the Japanese SDF to battle cosmic threats and protect the country from them. Reception for the character has been (TBA).


Über is a member of the Räv, a species of short and chubby Fox-like aliens. He has auburn fur, orange eyes with sun-shaped pupils and a white sclera, a big, bushy tail, tall, pointy ears, and a prominent dark orange nose. Like all members of his species, he has sharp black claws on his hands and feet. Über is always seen wearing a dark blue cloak tied around his waist.


Early History

Über, the son of an influential, wealthy family of Räv, recieved a prestigous education, graduating with high marks from a flight academy. After accidentallly saving a civilian, he became a celebrity across his planet, which allowed him to get into politics. A strong campaign and his wholesome image got him elected as the planet's ambassador to Earth, where he headed in his large, powerful spaceship.

Upon landing in Tokyo, Japan, he luckily crushed an attacking monster with his vessel, which gave him a lot of attention. Praised by the media and the country's people, the Japanese SDF recruited him to join the newly formed Shōri, a team that would take on cosmic threats and protect the country. He agreed in order to keep up his good image for political relations between the two planets. At some unknown point, he began a sexual relationship with Hinata Itō, another agent of the task force.


Über is a charming, likable, well-spoken person who is known for his charisma and outgoing demeanor. Über is almost always seen smiling in public, and generally cleans up threats in a rather tidy way, rarely leaving any messes and protecting people from harm. To the citizens of Japan, Über is known for exemplifying traditional Japanese values, like education, respect for one's elders, and a relentless work ethic.

Behind the scenes, Über is less like the hero he poses as. While being praised and loved by people beneath him, he generally has no real friendships on Earth, which leads him to become very lonely at points. Having never known tragedy, it's thought that Über would collapse under pressure if he faced any real stakes, and he's a weaker person overall for it.


Über was born with the power of aquakinesis, which he is very strong with. His level of skill allows him to generate water from thin air and manipulate it too, which he can use for things as mundane as filling a glass of water and as extreme as summoning a tidal wave to sweep away his enemies. In addition, he's incredibly precise with the ability, which allows him to take on missions without much worry. Teaming up with fellow agent Kimi Lee, who has cryokinetic powers, he becomes even more dangerous.

Besides superpowers, his training at a flight academy makes him a skilled pilot who can weave through an asteroid field easily or perform tactical attacks from the sky. He also recieved a high-level education, which makes him smarter than most people he meets, but is relatively unfamiliar with cultures that do not closely resemble his own. In addition to this, he can only speak Japanese.

Über's main weakness is electricity, as with all members of his species. A jolt of electricity that might stun a human would almost instantly kill them, so he often avoids electrokinetic enemies out of fear. In addition, he usually has people handle technology for him, besides technology powered through other means such as his ship.


  • Über was created as the antithesis to Unten. This is shown by:
    • Über's name means "above" in German, while Unten's means "below".
    • While Unten is an unlikely hero from a doomed planet, Über is a famous hero from a thriving planet.
    • Über is in a meaningless sexual relationship with the dark-haired, human girl of his group, while Unten has a close friendship with her equivalent.
    • Über is a self-made hero who has had relative ease in his life while Unten is the chosen one but has gone through much hardship.
    • Über has strong aquakinesis, while Unten has weak electrokinesis.
    • Über mostly encounters foes who have little impact on the world and are easily defeated while Unten takes on major villains and overcomes them despite the struggles in his way.
  • This is mostly to illustrate that while a typical hero Über seems more desirable than Unten, Unten is ultimately the stronger person because of how hard he works and what he's been through.