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? Bro.
Question Mark Bro.png
A ? Bro, as depicted by LBwiki (tbc).
Species Origin ? Blocks and Hammer Bros.
Rarity Rare
Average Behavior Slamming into you
Habitat(s) Carried by Background Bros.
First Appearance Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover
Latest Appearance Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover

? Bros. are enemies encountered in Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover, hence the name, they are golden Hammer Bros. with a ? Block for a body, a golden head on it, 2 golden shoes under it, it attacks by slamming into you, one is only thrown once when a Background Bro is exposed and throws it and runs away.


Hence the name, it has a golden ? Block for a body, but still shows the golden head and shoes.

Game Appearance

Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover

It makes it's debut in this game, they are only seen when thrown by Background Bros. when exposed once a level, they attack by slamming into you, if they failed to slam into you, they will fall down, providing you to ground pound it, when ground pounded, it will provide a rare item, then run away, while it's running away, you can kick something at them, upon being hit will shrink more and disappear, and will provide you a coin upon it's death.