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BIRTHPLACE Various Planets
CLASS Cleanup Crew

"Tombstones" are the nickname for the personnel involved with the cleanup, removal, and eventual disposal of the dead. They appear in the Metroid fanfic Metroid Rebirth.


While not the most glamourous job in Federation society, it is a necessary one. Commonly nicknamed "Tombstones" by the locals and occasionally referred to by the unflattering term known as "Crypts", they are designated as Federation Cleanup Squads by most officials due to their job of "cleaning up" after most incidents between Federation forces and their enemies as well as the removal of individuals who die of unnatural causes.

These units also take up the job of grave digging and preparations, and it not uncommon to see several individuals preparing graves in Federation designated graveyards.

Various alien races compose the positions of this organization, and depending on the planet, the local species usually fill out the majority of the available positions. Typically, however, humans fill these roles on major Federation planets.


Individuals in this position in society are equipped with sealed environmental suits and gas masks in order to both keep out pathological diseases and also to that they can work in hazardous environments. Gravediggers are equipped with shovels with built-in light sources.