Very Hongary Halloween is a episode in Bubble Bobble Ultimate Fusion!.


All the candy for halloween has been stolen by Hungry Pumkin! Only the bubble dragon team can save the day!


Level Description

All levels are easy-medium like.


  • Hongary is a pun of hungry. Also it has "Hungary " in it.
  • This is the first instance of another crossover other then MLP:FiM (See miniboss).
  • This was a halloween special.
  • On level 14, if any player hasn't continued, a door will appear. There isn't a message, but a potion. using this allows you to blow music note bubbles in both boss fights.
  • The monstas are modified to look like skel-monstas this episode.
  • The real skel-mostas never disappear unless the player has to continue.
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