Time Slower
Game's Logo
Developer(s) MZ Gaming
Publisher(s) MZ Gaming
Platform(s) PlayStation 3, X-Box 360, Wii U
Release Date(s)
July 5th, 2013
Campaign, Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Open World, Third-Person Shooter
Series Time Slower
Media Included Hardcore Gamers
Time Slower is a Open-World, Third-Person shooter game, created by MZ Gaming for the PlayStation 3 , X-Box 360 , and Wii U . The game follows the adventures of the agent named John Smith who is a part of an agency who can slow down the flow of time to kill corrupted Political icons.


The game gives an option to have you change sex in the beginning as either John Smith or Vanessa Smith.

John Smith, agent of the Time Slowers, get's an assignment to kill a corrupted politic in South Africa. As he heads there, John sneaks past secretary by using the Time Slower ability, He gets on a balcony and sets up his sniper to kill the tyrant while he's making a speech. However, before he can kill the tyrant, a guard walks in on his assassination attempt and stops him before he could kill the tyrant. John uses the Time Slower ability to try to kill the man who screwed up his assassination and try to kill the tyrant a 2nd time. However, the politic evacuated the building already.

John, then goes back to America, goes inside his house and tells his wife to leave the country. Right there, Wayne, the leader of the Time Slowers, tells John that he "fucked up, big time" and that instead of sending Time Slower agents to kill him, that he himself will track down John and kill him. John is horrified because Wayne is virtually invisible and has mastered the Time Slower ability. John then proceeds to rip out his tooth with a tracking device on it and places it in a dog's collar. John then steals a car and drives off to try to get away from Wayne. While running away, the South African army and the United States army hunts down John, While John is driving in the desert, he is attacked by a Helicopter and crashes in the desert. However, before the Army could take him down. John uses the Time Slower ability and escapes in one of the Helicopters.

Meanwhile, Wayne enters John's town in search of him, he tracks a signal leading to what he thinks is John, but much to his disappointment, Wayne discovers that John put his tracking device in a dog. Wayne proceeds to hunt down John's wife to find out where he is.

John's helicopter runs out of fuel and lands in the outskirts of Nevada. There he hitches a ride from a stranger and heads to San Diego. While during the trip, the stranger asks what is John doing in the desert.

John can either say that he simply crashed his car or he can tell the driver that he is the agent of the Time Slowers and that he is on the run from Wayne.

Either way, the Driver expresses doubt and keeps driving.

Meanwhile, Wayne heads to the Airport to find John's wife in the commotion, Wayne tells her that if she doesn't tell him where John is, then he would kill her. She tells him that she doesn't know where he is and Wayne proceeds to shoot her. The secretary and the Police get involved and try to kill Wayne. But Wayne kills most, if not, all the guards and police in the Airport and tries to see if his spy camera can find John.

Meanwhile, John makes it to San Diego, only to be hunted down by Police officers as he is wanted by the United States Government. John loses the Police by hiding in the woods and proceeds to try to find away off of America without using his credit cards. John heads to the docks to try to steal about, but gets in a fight with the Sailor and almost drowns in the water. Yet, he is knocked unconscious and is arrested soon afterwards. Once he wakes up, he finds himself in Maxim Secretary Prison. John uses the Time Slower ability and escapes his cell, kill a guard and take his gun. John is then a fierce battle with the Police and manages to kill some of them, John makes his way to the roof in which he assumes should have a Helicopter there. As he makes it to the roof, he is shocked to see Wayne standing on top of the roof with Police Officers. With no other choice John proceeds to get in a fierce battle with Wayne, both using there Time Slower abilities to try to kill each other. However, in the end, it's useless and John is killed by Wayne and the Police.

John is shown to be taken to the hospital, after a few minutes of doctors rushing in to save John. They give up hope and leave John's room. However, an after credits scene, the camera is shown to zoom in on the heart monitor, after a few seconds of silence, it start to beep, meaning that John is still alive.


On foot

  • Left Analog: Movement
    • Press (L3) to crouch
  • Right Analog: Camera control
    • Press (R3) to look behind the character
    • Press (R3) while aiming to trigger Time Slowing)
  • Directional buttons
    • Up: Call for taxi
    • Left, Right: Switch aim between right, left shoulders
    • Down: Zoom out the mini-map
  • Left Bumper/L1: Draw/holster weapon or hold to open the Weapon Wheel
  • Right Bumper/R1: Attach to cover
    • In Time Slowing: mark targets
    • While aiming, without gun: block
  • Left Trigger/L2: Aim
  • Right Trigger/R2: Shoot (Punch, if unarmed)
  • A/X: Run (Tap repeatedly to gain speed, then hold to stay at that speed)
  • Y/Triangle: Interact with vehicle
  • X/Square: Jump/Climb/Evasive roll or dodge (while targeting and moving left or right)
  • B/Circle: Reload weapon (if drawn), focus on important event
  • Select: Open Bag
  • Start: Pause menu

While Driving

  • Left Analog: Movement
  • Right Analog: Camera (press for Time Slowing when aimed)
  • Left Bumper/L1: Draw Weapon (tap)
  • Right Bumper/R1: Brakes
  • Left Trigger/L2: Aim
  • Right Trigger/R2: Shoot
  • A/X: Drives faster
  • Y/Triangle: Exit car
  • X/Square: Slow down

Driving Helcopter

  • Left Analog: Steer
  • Right Analog: Camera
  • R3: Time Slowing
  • Left Bumper/ L1: Weapon Wheel
  • Right Bumper/ R1: Brakes
  • Left Trigger/ L2: Draw weapons and aim
  • Right Trigger/ R2: Shoot
  • A/X: Speed increase
  • Y/Triangle: Leave Helicopter


The player controls agent John Smith in a Red Dead Redemption-style gameplay, in which the player can cycle weapons, Shoot, Stab, sprint, and slow down time, the player must use the Time Slower feature to complete certain duties, such as using it to take cover from enemy fire or to kill an overwhelming amount of enemies. The Player can also use the Time Slower feature to survive situations such as falling down a building, Time slowing slows down everything around as you can walk around normally.

The player can also do submissions and mini games, such as tracking down and killing Bigfoot, finding clues to the origins of the Time Slowers and their leader, and stopping drug wars and street crime. The game also has a feature called "Mythbuster" in which the player can explore its main town, San Diego, California, and find Urban Legends surrounding it. Such as discovering clues near a camp site, revealing the truth around a mystery, or hearing the origins to a gruesome murder.

Players can also customize John Smith by using the Facial feature options, if a gamer has a Kinect, Players can have it scan his/hers faces and the game searches for whatever materials closely matches the gamer's face. The player can also change John Smith's gender from a Man to a Woman (Doing so changes numerous things in the game such as: John's ingame name is changed to Vanessa, John's wife becomes a male, and some game dialog changes).



  • John Smith/Vanessa Smith - Smith is an agent of an organization called the Time Slowers, a group of people given a power to slow down time, they use this power to try to assassignate Tyrants, whenever a Time Slower fails to kill there targets, he or she is hunted down by organization and is usually killed. Smith was recurited into the Organization when being aducted by Terrorsts in Iraq. He was given this skill to kill the terrorists and escape the HQ. After that, Smith is loyal to the program and uses his abilities to try to make the world a safer place.
  • Wayne - Wayne is the Leader of the Time Slowers, much of his origins is unknown yet through clues from the game, it is hinted that Wayne was used as a Lab Rat in the an attempt from the US Government to see if it was possible to Slow down Time, however, when Wayne discovers that the Government plans to use the ability to take over nations, he kills all the scientists involved with the program, destroys all files and escape the lab. Some time after that, he finds out that his blood has the experiment in him, he reverse engineers it and recuites multiple people to the Time Slowers, to kill tyrants for the greater good.


  • Pistol
  • Combat Pistol
  • Micro-SMG
  • SMG
  • Pump Shotgun
  • Combat Shotgun
  • Assault Rifle
  • Carbine Rifle
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Combat Sniper
  • RPG
  • Molotov
  • Grenade
  • Bat
  • Knife



The gamer must try to either evade or kill the Time Slower leader and the South African Army be completing each level. This all leads to a final battle between John Smith and Wayne.

Online Multiplayer

The Player can roam around the town of San Diego, California with other online players in either Free-For-All or by completing missions, the Player can also create Alliances with other Player and can name and create teams.



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