MarioSports Winter
Developer(s) VineLine Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii X
Release Date(s)
December 2014
Single Play & Multiplayer Play
Age Rating(s)


Genre(s) Sports, Fitness
Media Included Nintendo Wii X Disc
MarioSports Winter is a sports game for the Wii X, it is based on Wivelstein Island and there is a range of activities to choose from: from skiing to ice-skating and water-skiing to snowball fighting, or even hiking up steep hills. There is an array of beautiful scenery to make your activities more pleasurable and more relaxing, and there is a genuinely calming feeling to it.

There is now indoor sports aswell as outdoor, so you can now dance the night away inside or on stage outside it's your choice. As the first Mario game dedicated to fitness, Nintendo has dedicated with least expected newcomer award and will soon be available everywhere in February 2014.

There are currently 16 sports to choose from and will keep on growing until it has all of the Winter Olympic sports in it and is set to debut 3 non-olympic sports apart from the 2 they already have. MarioSports Winter will make its debut on the same day that the Sochi Winter Olympics is held.

Also making it's debut in MarioSports Winter is Kiriku, Lakitu's brother, whom will help the player(s) throughout the game, for example he will give out advice when you are not doing very well, he will assist you when you can not do something right and if when you're falling, Kiriku will rescue you.


There are 9 playable characters in MarioSports Winter, below is a list of them. Please note that 2 of the following are not from any of the Nintendo Series and instead are from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and won gold medals from it.  and they are Charles Hamelin and Amy Williams.

Name Picture
Charles Hamelin (Mii Version)
Charles Hamelin
Amy Williams (Mii Version)
Amy Williams


The following sports are available in MarioSports Winter, stating wether they are inside or outside.

Name Expert Venue Out or In
Figure Skating Rosalina Skating Arena Inside
Bobsleigh Toad Bobsleigh Track Outside
Speed Skating Charles Hamelin Skating Arena Inside
Skeleton Amy Williams Skating Arena Inside
Skiing Mario Snow Ridge 1 Outside
Snowballing Toadette Snow Ridge 2 Outside
Dog Sledding Luigi Alpine Pass Outside
Hockey Daisy Hockey Arena Inside
Dance Peach Alpine Pass Outside
Dance Peach Stagelands Inside
Ski Jumping Rosalina Snow Ridge 1 Outside
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